Support your community by shopping here in the Muse Book Shop. Local merchants pay Local taxes. They coach your sons in Little League and buy your daughter's Girl Scout cookies. They donate to your causes: giving items for auction, contributing door prizes, buying raffle tickets. They sell tickets to local concerts and events. They volunteer in the community. They know you by name, and smile when they meet you in the street. Can you say the same about Amazon or the big boxes?

For every $25 you spend in DeLand, here's how much stays in our local community: Local independent - $13.75; Chain stores - only $3.90; online/Amazon - $ 0 !!!

For every $100 you spend, this is how much is returned to the local economy if you shop at: The Muse Bookshop - $68.00; Chain stores - $43.00; Online/Amazon: $ 0

Help to nurture our community, create local jobs, conserve resources by using less fuel and packaging and fostering entrepreneurship! For more info, visit


Our industry is struggling, Independent book stores are holding on for dear life. We are going in debt to keep our dream alive with the hope for a better tomorrow. We need your help. Three hours of your time in an independent book store can make their day, their week, sometimes their month. Don’t leave your entire scheduling in the hands of a publicist. Give some of your time to an independent in your area.

Take a 100 mile radius, find all the independents inside that circle and pick one or two you would be willing to spend a few hours with. It is a small measure of your time that could be of great import to them. Going on vacation, make us a part of the package. We will ensure you a good time and many accolades. Remember when you were promoting that first book.

Independents who hand sold your work were your launching pad. Independent book stores are the heart of our industry because they keep their finger on the pulse of the community. We are your neighborhood bibliophile. We need you, but you also need us. We are intrinsically linked. Why are we linked? I believe it is because of our love for the written word, our thirst for knowledge. A book is our comfort food, a poem is a masterpiece, a story ignites the imagination and feeds the soul. Make a date with an independent book store. It could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

P.S James Patterson I will be waiting for your call.