What I’m Reading Now

Just finished “Pure” by Julianna Baggott.  I must be in an Armagedon mode, as at home I am also reading “One Second After”.  Pure is a story that takes place after the”Detonation”.  Where people who were left outside the Dome were subjected to a blast where, if they were not killed, they were fused with some object and disfigured.  The outsiders are referred to a wretches, and the insiders are referred to as Pures.    It is the intention of the “Pures”, to cleanse the land and rebuild with a superior race.  But things don’t quite go according to plan and their “recoding” is having negative health side effects.   The director of the Pures needs the medical help of the wife he left outside.  Partridge, his surviving son, thought his mother was dead but clues point to the possibility that she may be alive.  He must escape the Dome to search for her.


Enjoyed the book, but not the ending – obviously there will be a sequel.  I would suggest waiting for the sequel and reading them together.


‘One Second After’ is a what if scenerio.  1 to 3 nuclear bombs are detonated in the atmosphere over the United States releasing an Electro Magnetic Pulse.      Everything electronic is fried.   No transportation, no communication, no water, no refrigeration.    Anyone who was unlucky enough to be in an airplane at the time was spared the panic that is soon to follow.

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