Tiger Shrimp Tango by Tim Dorsey

We know Florida is the scam capital of the world. We know how Serge hates people who prey on the innocent (or Ignorant). Throw a hired assassin in the mix and you have a “Tiger Shrimp Tango” around Florida.

Serge has been requesting documents through the “Freedom of information Act” that has some South American businessmen concerned and they have dispatched an assassin the take care of it. The same assassin responsible for the death of Felicity, the love of Serge’s life. Meanwhile Serge, with the help of his side kick Coleman, has decided that being a detective is right up his alley. Since his brother Mahoney has a legitimate detective agency, Serge becomes his willing “Field Man”. The scams are the normal with very abnormal twists. But Serge is on their tale, unfortunately someone else is on his tale, so when all parties converge in Miami,the “Insane City” becomes just that.

This is Tim Dorsey’s 17th book and guaranteed not to disappoint. Coleman is developing some interesting talents, Serge is his usual maniac, mental self, and the people who meet there demise with his help do so in extremely unusual ways.

Written by

Janet is the owner of The muse book shop.