Review of “The Assassin’s Honor”, by Robert N. Macomber

The year is 1892 and life is good for Commander Peter Wake. In command of a new vessel, the USS Bennington, in The Caribbean and after years as a lonely widower, he has the love of a beautiful woman.

But, everything changes when a man is found murdered on an American ship in Key West and in his possession is a coded German message and a piece of a map. When Peter deciphers the code it portends an assassination set to take place in eight days. Why, Who, and Where is the big question, and Peter is tasked with finding the answers.

The Germans have been looking for a base of operation in the Caribbean and it appears they have their sights set on Mexico. A civil war has been raging there for decades, and this may be a plot to curry favor with the Mexican Federal Government by taking out the rebel leader who’s name appears of the piece of map. The coastline depicted appears to be along the the Yucatan Peninsula so Peter and his crew head to the coast of Mexico to see if they can head off this assassination. But things are not always as they seem. Has Peter Wake been played for a fool and sent on a wild goose chase? Is it the Germans trying to curry favor with the Mexican Government, of is it the Spaniards trying to head off a Cuban rebellion.

Well, l guess you will have to read the book to find out.

This is the 12th book in Robert Macomber’s award winning “Honor” Series. The series begins in Florida during the civil war, and spans every ocean and continent. Each is a stand alone book, but follows the career of Peter Wake from 1863 to 1908. Macomber is the O’Brian of the Caribbean. Fans of Historical fiction will love this series. I do.

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