Tim Dorsey – Save the Date (Feb 4th)!

Tim Dorsey will be at The Muse Book Shop signing his new book Clownfish Blues Saturday February 4th at 6 PM.

Serge and Coleman are participating in a reenactment of the Route 66 show, Florida Style. They are rolling down the highway of Serge’s dreams in a vintage silver convertable, just like the snazzy car Martin Milner drove on the popular TV episodes. It doesn’t matter that the actual “Route 66″ didn’t pass through Florida, for Serge discovers that a dozen episodes near the series’ end were filmed in his beloved home state.

Meanwhile the Florida Lottery is reaching historic highs and has caught the attention of some very unsavory characters who hope to cash in. Serge and Coleman have taken jobs as cashiers at a local convenience store, but of course that doesn’t last long as Serge is trying to convince all the customers that buying lottery tickets is a poor investment of their limited funds, and Coleman, well Coleman is Coleman and is more interested in drinking up the profits then selling lottery tickets.

So they head to the Florida Panhandle to become the best “worm grunters’ ever. From the Florida Panhandle to Cassadega, to Miami they are their insanely unique selves, giving lessons to inconsiderate characters along the way.

You will be reacquainted with some characters from previous books. The champion of the underdog, attorney Brook Campanella. Reporter Reeves, who just wants to report the real news. Ziggy, Mahoney and a few others also make cameo appearances.

So for Serge and the always toked and stoked Coleman, the Sunshine State is all the road you need to get rid of your “Clownfish Blues”.

Join us for some wine and cheese and be entertained by Tim.


The Muse Book Shop

112 S. Woodland Blvd.

DeLand, Florida 32720


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